About Steve

Writing: My books include: Do Hard Things, Peak Performance, The Passion Paradox, and The Science of Running. They have sold more than half a million copies and have been translated into more than 15 languages.

Performance Coaching: I work with athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives, as well as serve as a consultant on mental skills development for professional sports teams.

I am also co-creator of The Growth Equation, an online platform dedicated to the understanding and practice of performance and well-being.

The Books

“Steve Magness is one of the giants of modern thinking about high performance across domains, blending a broad knowledge of cutting-edge psychology with hard-earned practical experience."
—Alex Hutchinson, New York Times bestselling author of Endure

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    The Growth Equation Podcast

    A podcast on peak performance and well-being for those interested in getting the most out of themselves, success, and fulfillment.

    The On Coaching Podcast

    For all of your running and training needs. A deep dive into the science and art of coaching.

    “Steve Magness possesses an incredible range of wisdom and knowledge about the science, psychology and practical sides of sport performance."
    —Christie Aschwanden, New York Times bestselling author of Good to Go